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Nanjing Haiguang Applied Chemicals Research Institute was the founding research department under the ASK banner, and devotes its research and development to proton-pump inhibitors (PPI), oncology medicines, products for diabetic and inflammation. Under the new corporate values of “Innovation for Ideas, Collaboration in Works, Obligation to Duties”, the institute currently focuses its priorities on developing both properiety and generic pharmaceutical products for the domestic market.

ASK DDS Institute, founded in 2006, was the first kind of institution in Jiangsu Province that was directly funded by a pharmaceutical enterprise to focus research and development on innovative drug targeting and delivery. Specializing in novel drug delivery, the institute is one of the provinicial centers to develop oncology preparations, with unique dosage forms such as liposomes, nanoparticles, sustained release injectables, and other state-of-the-art drug delivery systems. The institute participates in multiple national projects in New Priority Drug Development Program, holds independent intelectual properties; some of the research projects have also been registered for clinical trials.

ASK Chiral Drug Institute is the latest addition to the ASK Drug Research Institutes, in partnership with Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The objectives of this institute are to integrate bench research to industrial development, and to expedite commerlization of academic invention and new technology. Investigation at the institute focuses on characterization and commercialization of novel chiral molecules for drug applications, impact of chiral molecules on dosage preparation, and knowledge transfer from fundamental research to large-scale industrial production. The establishment of the institute is also expected to reduce resource and time required of new drug development and to make sustainable contributions to the growth of the ASK corporate.

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