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As a research-based pharmaceutical enterprise, ASK Pharm has established the corporate mission of “Based on Research, Oriented for Health”, and consistently recognized innovations in product research and development as the priority and driving force for continued corporate growth and success.

ASK Pharm has invested significantly in product research and development over the years. Jiangsu ASK Drug Research Institutes have been founded since 2013, and devoted to research innovation and product development in chemical and biotech pharmaceutical platforms. Working closely with Departments of Clinical Studies and Drug Registration, the Research Institutes make it possible to efficiently translate technology innovations and commercialize pipeline products.

In partnership with government agencies at both provincial and national levels, ASK Pharm has established numerous research centers within the corporate, including Jiangsu Provincial Research Center for Gastric Diseases, Jiangsu Provincial Center in Oncology Drug Delivery, Jiangsu Provincial Center for Technology and Innovations, and National Training Station for Postdoctoral Fellows. ASK Pharm has been consecutively recognized as one of the “Best Chinese Pharmaceutical Enterprise in Research and Development”, and one of the “Top 20 Chinese Pharmaceutical Corporate in Innovation”, and has taken critical and leadership roles in national development programs for new drugs and innovative pharmaceutical products.

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